Rebirth and You! 

Rebirth, the book, is bringing life and light to many. Here are some of the comments those who have read it have sent in:

​”Rebirth is extremely captivating, you cannot stop once you start reading. Every chapter is just another mystery waiting to be unveiled. Keeps you wondering how one young life can say so much. There is so much to laugh about and you most likely would shed a tear. It’s just like watching a movie.

They said “the Good, the Bad and the Ugly” but Rebirth speaks of the “the Ugly, the Good and the Graced”. Rebirth is an evidence that there is indeed a God somewhere. This book is motivating, encouraging and full of Hope! You cannot remain empty after reading Rebirth. You just have to birth GREATNESS! It speaks of a second chance, it helps you yearn to discover and fulfill your own purpose; it definitely births in you a new desire to chase after God as the anchor of every life.

When you are done reading this book, your love for Juliana Olayode would go up a 100%, because she was indeed naked and not ashamed! You want to know who Toyo Baby really is? Get a copy today!” Fadipe Modupeoluwa, MSc Media and Communications, PAU
“I stayed glued to my laptop reading your book. I do not even know what to say now because my eyes are still wet and swollen which is borne out of the emotional stuffs I read in the book. You are indeed a proof of God’s faithfulness. I celebrate you again, sis. Oh! Did I say I could not step out to go to work today? I could not go to work because I did not want to miss out on anything in the book. Mehn!!! The suspense was killing! Rebirth is an inspiration from God.” Ayanbeku Patricia
“Mmmm, I do not even know where to start writing from. All glory be to God. Olayode Juliana, you’re indeed a great blessing to this generation. I want to thank God on your behalf for overcoming and triumphing through it all. At first when I started reading, I was scared to continue after reading this first two chapters. I couldn’t control the tears rolling down my cheeks, at some point I said to myself, ‘but this is actually a testimony why am I crying as if this is her current situation?’ You really inspired me a lot and geared up my spiritually life. God bless and keep you.” Wale O. USA
“I love you and I love the book. It has honestly inspired me in a lot of ways and I’m positive everybody would draw inspiration from it. The content is solid and I can’t even lie, I feel like I need a rebirth desperately. I would want to look back on my hurdles some day and be proud to say God did it for me.

I need to love God the way you do. I got enough time to digest the book and let it speak to me. I trust God would help you to help me. I want you to know I am sincere about this and willing to do what it takes. I want to be a testimony too. I’m super proud of you and the decisions you’ve had to make. Rebirth is really a blessing.

In this little way you’ve put in all you have to bless others, God would bless you immensely. I love you girl” O. T. Oyo State, Nigeria 
“Hello Juliana, all I can say is God is faithful! He is a loving Father and never forsakes His children. I bought this book last night and I finished it this morning, you are such an inspiration and  example to this generation. So many lessons to be learnt from your story. I am very sure God is not done with you, your best days are still ahead. God bless you and enlarge your territory.

Please remain yourself for those of us out here looking for people to look up to in this messed up generation. Much love ” Shariman
“Hello sis, a blessing to me in disguise you have been, after meeting you at Osun State secondary schools music competition at HENRY ALEX DUDUYEMI COLLEGE, ILE IFE organized by Dare Young. The way and manner you spoke to those children gave me a real insight of how beautiful you are on the inside.

Considering REBIRTH, it has automatically given me a Rebirth. I read it and saw myself coming out from the story… Tears rolling down my eyes while bringing myself out of the whole book. I feel so glad and free to eventually get someone talk about this to the world…It means a lot to me.

God bless you real good for that Book, it’s sure going to help a lot of young girls find their way back immediately.” T. O. Osun State, Nigeria. 
“Hello Juliana, your story of resilience and faith in the midst of adversity and your confidence in God, even when you were faced with things that seemed unimaginable, is amazing. We often forget that life is a process with many battles to be fought but we can be confident in one thing; that we have a God who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we could ever think, hope for or even imagine.

I thank God for Grace and the strength of character He built in you through the process. I am grateful to God that His light and character reflects through you.  This book is a must read for everyone, regardless of your current phase of life. It is a reminder that God is faithful and intentional about each and every one of us. And just in case you are in that phase where you feel like everything is falling apart, remember that you are a critical piece of the puzzle and part of His master plan! Jesus is counting on you and cheering you on.

No, you are not a mistake and you are not forgotten. Don’t give up! Lots of Love.” Toluwalola Kasali
“Seriously this book really inspired me. I love you for who you are. Keep on growing Darling sister….” F. E. 
“Toyo Baby, thanks for being a sweetheart and motivation through your book. I’ve learnt more than I can say or type. Every page got me yearning for the next. I couldn’t stop till I was done and I would read this over and over again. If I had more money I wouldn’t mind buying for everyone I know. You are a blessing and a light to our generation.” K. N. 
“OMG! Juliana!

First, I want you to know how sorry I am that you had to go through all of what you went through. As a mother of a beautiful girl, I would hate for my child to go through any of what you went through, but, as a Christian, I believe nothing happens by accident, and that all you went through is just God’s way of  equipping you for the future.

I must admit that when I saw your post on Instagram (yes, I am one of your fans), about your book, I immediately decided to be among the first ones to get the book, simply because I see you as someone that truly loves Christ and not ashamed to let the world know. And that is something rare in the entertainment industry and plus you being so young too.

In my 45 years of living, I have never felt so much emotions about someone I don’t even know aside from seeing her on TV. I tried to hold back my tears in the first part of the book, but I couldn’t help it, when I got to the part of you confessing to Pastor Adigun.

I cried! I was thinking how could a young lady go through all of this at such tender age and still stand firm with and for God. Juliana, you are a big inspiration to me and I learnt from your story how not to relent in praying. I do pray but I will intensify my praying from today.

God truly loves you darling. And I pray that you will continue to walk in God’s favor and mercy and grace for the rest of your life. And at the right time, God will bring you the bone of your bone, that will understand the calling of God upon your life and will support and encourage you in your walk with God.

I pray and hope to meet with you in person someday. But, if you ever find yourself in the USA, and in Atlanta Georgia, please know you have a family waiting to welcome you. God bless you and keep you. May He make His face to shine on you forever.

My love and respect for you just got bigger! Thank you for sharing your life with us.” Tosin O.  USA
“Hi Juliana, your story is not only interesting, but very inspiring. After reading your book, I had to do a Facebook post on it.” Muyiwa A. Lagos
“Hi Juliana Olayode,  I am done reading your book. You actually went through a lot that caused me to shed tears but beloved all of those difficult times were all necessary for the glory that is ahead of you. Without these stories you will not be here today,  thank God for your life.

The lines that got me too was “Jesus found me before fame came” because fame can make a shipwreck out of one’s destiny. The important keynote in your book is the 3 letter word GOD Factor, He is the anchor of what you are then and now. I will recommend this book to all teenagers and adults too, you will learn from her experience and make the right decisions with God on your side.

Thanks and God bless you beloved Juliana Olayode” B. N.
“Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!

I started reading this book yesterday evening and I finished it in four hours. I cried uncontrollably and had to run into the rest room to ball my eyes out!!! How can one human being go through all this in such a short span of time.

But like @realtalkkim said this morning ‘Don’t judge someone’s story by the chapter you walked in on’. God is still writing your story girl and it will all end in praise!!! Thank you for sharing your journey to rebirth. It has surely made my faith in God bolder and stronger! God bless you.” A. B. Lagos
“Hmmm…where do I even start? Let me start by saying, “Thank You”. Thank you for obeying to do this. Rebirth has opened the eyes of many to see the void in their lives.

Let me share my personal experience. I read the book late into the night (I finished it at one read, did not want to drop it till I was through with it). After reading, I went to my prayer corner and started crying to God. I wasn’t crying because of the things you went through, because I understand that the deeper the challenges, the greater the glory ( I mean, if you didn’t have those challenges, your story might not be as inspiring as it is today). I was crying because despite all these, you still CHOSE to stand for God, I’ve faced similar things myself, and I can’t say same for me, I got distracted along the way, and I’m just beginning to build my relationship with God again.

I sincerely admire you. I admire your commitment to God. I love that you love God. I knew you from Jenifa’s Diary, but to me then, you were just a regular actress. When I discovered your commitment to God, my love for you grew. I began to see you as a friend, I just connected with you,and took interest in your life. I was inspired by this lady who chose to be sold out to God, and I began to follow you closely, leaning into your life.

Also, I love your hash tag “deaftonoise” on IG. Expect criticisms, a lot of it. People will talkkkkk. But please do not let it keep you from what you are doing. For every critic, you have one thousand and one fans, rooting for you.

On this note, I want to say I love you dearly, I look forward to more books written by you, I look forward to listening to your songs (never say never, harness all your gifts baby), I look forward to being a friend (online friendship e yaff do na, let’s move the ministry forward), praying together with you, learning from you and so much more. Cheers!” Ololade A. 
“Hello Juliana,

I just completed your book this evening. I must say you have done an amazing job and your honesty is highly commendable. Also, you were able to present your story in a simple and uncomplicated way that I’m sure will appeal to most readers. Your journey from grass to grace is truly inspiring and I found myself feeling genuinely happy for you by the end of the book. There are many lessons in your life story and my prayer is that it will enrich countless people out there. I pray for you wish you all the very best as you move from one level of grace to another.” A. Tolu
“Oh My God!!! I just finished reading ReBirth!!!

I have cried, smiled, laughed, been weighed down and felt uplifted…in short, it felt like I was on the journey with you. It brought back memories of my childhood…was also abused at some point but God came through and didn’t allow rape.

Thank you for sharing with me and the rest of the world. My growing up as a girl and what I went through made me ask God to give me only male children but God gave me an angel with a golden heart as my first. Reading Rebirth has opened my eyes as to how to raise her and equip her, instead of dwelling on fear and caging her. With God’s help, I will equip her with knowing God at this young age. I pray for her always and I know God will keep her safe and she will make a huge impact for God in her generation.

Thank you Juliana…sharing your journey has further fueled my desire to improve my relationship with God. I have so much more to say….I will sure stay in touch and would one day love to meet you in person and also to introduce my daughter who is seven to you. God bless you dear for allowing God use you to fix  not just the younger generation but all. Love you loads…” D. B. 
“I have just finished reading your e-book.

Once I started, I could not just stop. At different points of the book, I cried, I felt sad, and I smiled. Your story is truly inspiring. Your story has helped me understand the value of friendship and mentor-ship and also confirmed for me that you can influence your immediate circle regardless of how low or sunk you think you are, It has also helped me realize how poor my prayer life is, and I hope the little spark REBIRTH has brought to my life, it will grow.

It was really eye-opening for me. I am sorry, but I have been one of the people who felt that the rate at which you spoke about sexual purity was alarming. I quite understood that you are a Christian and you had to take a stand but I thought it was too much for someone who had her life opened to the world, that is, a celebrity. But now I understand the commission given to you. I sincerely apologize and I pray that God helps you on your journey.

I appreciate your honesty in the book. It is quite hard to maintain a life of purity in secrecy, and your book has helped me to understand that confession does help to remove guilt. It helps us to accept where we came from but not let it determine where we are going to. Thank you for letting yourself go for God.” O. O
“Dear Juliana,

I waited for your book this morning like someone waiting for rapture. I am glad I got a copy. Wao, did not eat, bath or step out of the house until I finished reading it. You are such a great inspiration, God bless you real good. I am seizing this opportunity to invite you to UK, please don’t say No! It dropped on my spirit as I was reading your book. I will fully host and and do your invitation letter. Thank you once again and remain at the top.” Oluwatoyin B. UK


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Much love! 

Juliana Olayode.