Introducing Juliana!

Juliana Olayode is a woman with a heart of gold. She is an actress, a singer, an author, a speaker and a notable influencer.

From humble beginnings, she rose to fame and influence through her stellar performance in the hit TV Series, Jenifa’s Diary, where she acted as Toyosi in 2014. Ever since, she has become a loved household name both within and outside the shores of Nigeria. There is literarily no street in Nigeria where she is not known and loved.

Juliana has won several awards, within and outside Nollywood, and has featured in several publications. She has featured in other top movies and series and is establishing herself as a force and voice to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. She strives to be a pacesetter in Nollywood.

Juliana has served as, and still is, brand influencer for different organizations. She has influenced for organizations in the manufacturing, educational, construction, real estate, hair and beauty, skin care, medical, non-profit, food, clothing, and even political sectors. Her clients have always received more value than they paid for. She is committed to excellent delivery.

Juliana published her first book, Rebirth, in Summer of 2017. Rebirth is a memoir where she revealed to her growing fan base across the world, her journey to stardom. Many across the world have been inspired by her tell-all book. The book has given, and still gives, many the hope and resolve that they can make something special out of their lives, no matter their background.

Juliana has toured secondary schools in Nigeria, especially in Lagos and Abuja to inspire the next generation, telling them not to give up on their dreams. Her influence on the millennials in Nigeria is unrivaled. They do not just know the celebrity, they know the person behind the fame, and that is indeed powerful.

As a singer, Juliana produced her first single, No Disguise, in February of 2019. She is multi-talented. Her song has received good feedbacks from her fans. She would be producing more songs as the years go by. She is committed to using her platform to promote healthy and wholesome entertainment for the whole family.

Acknowledged as a notable influencer in Nigeria with millions of followers on social media and many more off social media, she has become a highly sought after speaker. Juliana has spoken in every state in Nigeria’s South Western region, some states in the East, Abuja and is scheduled to visit the South-South region this year. She has more invites than she could possibly honour, because of her tight schedule.

However, the speaking engagements she has honoured, have always left the audience wanting more. She is down-to-earth and pratical in her illustrations.

Juliana is a Christian, loves God, loves people and is a public advocate of sexual purity. She does her best to maintain her ‘girl next door’ status inspite of her popularity.