The power I possess as an entertainer!

Have you watched my TEDx talk yet?

If you have not, please click here to watch.


  1. I’m a lover of TEDxTalks and I am so pleased to watch you speak. You have been one entertainer I so love and admire. It was through following that I came in contact with MINE and I’m forever grateful for that, it made me exposed to the right things at a quite young age. I got to follow a lot of ‘MINE’ people too and they’ve been of immense blessing to me an example is VOW which I learnt that you were once on the platform, Ladies with Radiance too. The Ark messages have also blessed me so much. Thank you for all that you do, I sincerely do love you! The best part of your bio in the description was that you are a Christian and an advocate of sexual purity. God is sure proud of you! Lots of love 💗💕 Shalom ✌️


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