Influence multiplied!

I am thankful for the influence my following on Instagram has given me. I have been able to touch many lives directly and indirectly and I am humbled at this.

I look forward to doing more. Many thanks and blessings to everyone cheering me on. I need you always.

God bless you!



  1. You need HIM more who has brought you this far and HE will continuely increase you. And You yes You, GOD created in You keys to achieving this (excellence, humility, humble, interactive, quiet, etc). One with GOD is a majority because he brings the majority to such. I pray HE brings much more and many success to YOU. AMEN.


  2. Hi “Toyo baby”, thanks for being inspiring in all that you do. The good Lord shall continue to strengthen you and keep you under His arms. Would love to humbly request for your direct email address (please) for confidential discussions.

    Thanks in anticipation


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