Body Obsession

In a world where beauty means having a slim waist, big hips and big boobs by a lot of people…where beauty means being light skinned…where “beauty” can be bought…I mean if you have the money, you can get yourself transformed with a snap of your finger…

I mean you see someone yesterday and the day after, the person is totally transformed…in a world where you cannot tell what body part is natural or bought…

I am learning to LOVE MYSELF EVERYDAY. It dawns on me how priceless I am and how I am my own kind of beautiful…

I am learning to FALL IN LOVE WITH MYSELF over and again and not be intimidated…
I am learning to take care of myself and my body and I am thankful to God that He made me who I am and I am content!!!

Some of us forget that we won’t always be young…are you living for now? Trends come and go but you would be stuck with you forever 😊


  1. Good Morning maam..Happy New day .Love your neighbour as urself so if u dont love urself first how can u love ur neighbour so maam u said it well …The Lord is your strenght and the Joy of the Lord will always be your strenght in Jesus Name Amen. Because your are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made……Amen


  2. Good day MA ‘am so thankful to u for this post, it has inspired me so well that I can’t stop reading it, I hope to see you one day…once again thank you.


  3. Like your definition of beauty which is this time definition of beauty. Inability to Love and Appreciate how GOD created us, get us intimidated and push us to sought after vanity. Self Love is exceptional, it brings honour, pride and even prize. Learn to Love yourself.
    Thought 2 days ago that I haven’t see your hand and here you come, it is ok.


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