Own your joy!

Waiting for someone or something to make you happy? You might wait for a long time. Plus, you cannot afford to make your happiness dependent on external factors. That would mean your life will be on a rollercoaster. Happy today, unhappy tomorrow. You deserve better.

Give yourself a reason to be happy. Cheer yourself up. Be your own No 1 fan. Be your own pirmary support system. Then, others can follow.

I love you! Be happy!!!


  1. Hi miss Jullie. Good afternoon. I’m Salako Temitope, Mc Stov. I’ve read your book, seen you and learnt a lot from you. I’d like to know more. Kindly send me your contact or have mine +2348117305433. I’m a student of OAU. Thanks in anticipation


  2. There are a lot of reasons to make oneself happy. Depending on other factor to make oneself happy is like making oneself a tool being control, they own and make things happen to one(not worthy)


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