Hi fam!

Here is introducing my single, NO DISGUISE.

I have been blessed with many abilities, and singing is one of them. I have decided to kick-start my music career, without dropping any other thing I do 🙂

No Disguise is a love song and would be dropping on Valentine’s Day. I hope you would love it.

Thank you fam for your support always! 😘



  1. Hi Juliana, this is really good news to hear about your new single. I loved you ever since I read your book, your simplicity and how you tend to stand out from the other Nollywood actress. I have a testimony : I don’t know how, but while reading your book, the chapter you talked about you staying in a home full of idols, I actually found myself in tongues when I was done reading that chapter. I closed my eyes and imagined the whole thing, so, I do not know how those tongues came out, or why they did.
    However, Julie, I’m working on my third book, and I thought I should feature you in it, perhaps, by writing a foreword. That alone will be my greatest joy this 2019. Please, woman of God help me achieve this dream too!
    I’m Just 19 and working to publish my 3rd book on self discovery now. It’s going to be a dream come true if this is accepted by you.
    I humbly await your response!
    BTW, congrats on your new song! I await it!


  2. whao, we are patiently anticipating for “no disguise”

    it hasn’t been released but I love it already……………


  3. I must say this is one thing I am happy to hear. I was happy to see it because I have listened to you sings and your voice is so amazing. God bless all you so darling sister. I love you, Keep living to fulfill destiny in Jesus name. We shall be counting down to the day.


  4. just love everything about u toyo!!!!!,but it really sad dat I visited ur official page on facebook to download d song but it can’t


  5. I found out about this song when I was trying to add you up on Facebook, I couldn’t download it through the link that was given, so I decided to check google, and that’s how o got here, I am so happy for you… God bless you, Keep soaring, I pray to gt a breakthrough in my musical career too.


  6. I have downloaded your song , No Disguise and i absolutely love it. Your choice of lyrics is refreshing. Nice to listen to a love song that doesn’t corrupt your mind and by giving you nasty thoughts. It’s been on replay ever since. Well done.


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