What defines your value?

You need to understand that your value is not based on your valuables…

until you get this right, you can never value yourself ✌


  1. I’ve been trying to get in touch with you. Even dm-ed you on instagram two years ago and then early this year but got no response back.
    We will like to have you as a speaker at our women programme, and I know a lot of people might be disturbing on instagram, but there is no mail or contact for m to get in touch with you with. That’s why I’m going all the way. I seriously hope and pray you get this.


  2. God bless you Miss Juliana, I actually have alot to express but in a nutshell I got your page on instagram few days ago not up to 5days but just within that few days have been blessed severally, I haven’t read “REBIRTH” but something just kept telling me that is where my solution lies, I am indeed grateful to God for who you are, for what you have(potentials) and most importantly for giving us hope in Christ, I pray this day the promise of God to Abraham would be your lot in Jesus name (cuz God said I promise to make you a great nation and anyone who curses you shall be curse and anyone who bless you shall be bless) and that I pray sincerely will be your portion and God’s promise to you too….. Soooooo grateful, am happy…..


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