Forgive…then reconcile 😍

It takes one to forgive, it takes two to reconcile.

Forgiveness isn’t always what brings people back together after an argument or a misunderstanding, the two have to reconcile to make it work.


  1. Good Morning Maam, Forgiveness is like setting ourself free and the most important is that Jesus Christ said before you come into the presence of God if you remember that your brother or sister offended you ….you should go back and settle with Him or Her first and come back so ….Maam This is a very important to forgive and if we can remember our Lords Prayer …..Forgive us as we forgive those who offended us…..Amen…..Happy Blessed wonderful day maam.

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  2. If you find it difficult to forgive you are hurting yourself because there is this fear in human anything we sees someone who offend us.

    S, forgiveness is the most important thing. Don’t f to forgive people. Jesus Christ also forgive all


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