My Ekiti gist!๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€


Thank you for stopping by to read my post. And if you subscribed lately, I appreciate you.

If you missed the first part of the gist, let me summarise it for you here.ย  I went to Ekiti a few weeks back for a conference. I arrived Ado-Ekiti late that night. So, after checking into the hotel, I took a walk to buy Suya (which by the way purged me)… ๐Ÿ˜Š

When I found a place to buy my Suya, I noticed it was in the compound of a thriving club. The suya guys recognised me, and before long, while waiting for my roastedย meat, The Club Manager appeared. He offered a handshake and I took it firmly.

That was the object of gist one.ย  He asked me why I was shaking him like a man. If I could have rolled my big eye balls at him in the dark of the night, I might have. What do some men take ladies for?

Was I supposed to graze his palm or hold his hand feebly? Nah! We are confident people. Years ago, as a teenager, I was taught in MINE Teenage Ministry to shake the opposite sex firmly and maintain eye contact. I was taught to be bold and confident even as a woman.

So, my ladies, stop acting like jelly in front of guys even if you have a huge crush on him(them). Build your self confidence. Offer firm handshakes and maintain eye contact in conversations. It might take a while to get used to but you will catch up.

And gentlemen, please don’t be intimidated by strong ladies and do not talk us down either. Encourage us to be strong and confident. You’d need us to be!!!

Now, to be second gist, which is rather controversial o!ย  After he was done asking me why I shook him like a man, he invited me to make a Guest Appearance in their club the following night. And without blinking, I said, “I am a church girl,ย  I don’t do clubs”

I wish you were there to see the shock on his face. He could not believe that a celebrity existed that would turn down the offer to star at a club for a night.

But guess what?ย  I am not just any celebrity, I am Juliana Olayode and I have a brand to protect. Many girls are looking up to me and I am trying my best to model greatness without compromise to them.

I wouldn’t want them becoming alcoholics or some man’s lust/sex object. I want to be a true inspiration to the future leaders and celebrities of my nation.

So, dear reader, do you have any values at all or you follow any wind that blows. Are you so desperate for fame or money that you would do anything to have it?ย  Ask those who have it. It doesn’t feel as good as you thought it would when you have it. Your comfort in that day would be that you did not trade your soul to get it. But what if you traded your soul?ย  Better imagined than experienced…

I hope you enjoyed my gist.

And I am trusting God to raise sponsors for Rebirth Tour.ย  And like you know, I won’t compromise to get sponsors. The moment we have dates sealed, I would announce so we can finally see and take our selfie. Yay!

So, if you want to sponsor the tour and/or sponsor hard copies of Rebirth so we could give indigent girls, please be my guest. I need people to stand with me. Would you?ย  Please reach me on if this resonates with you.

Be good!

Much love,

Juliana Olayode


  1. Great aunty Toyo, you would have just told the man to go and organise his church so you can go, not a club! “guess he even has a big head sef” I love you and trust me I’ll get Rebirth soonest!


  2. I love you so much Juliana!!!!!!!! I cant wait for the selfie! Keep inspiring generations…..Keep being a Rare gem!!



  3. I love you sister juliana I pray you will never backslide,hope to see you soon I’m not taking about selfish because picture can’t give me advice or be my mentor,thank you somuch for been example to this generation,overflow blessing in Jesus name.


  4. waooh that’s my Toyobaby. i pray that the Lord will continue to keep u strong in him and uphold you in all you do.

    Rebirth actually brought me back to memory lane and i appreciate God for your life.


  5. You are wonderful, a chosen generation, you are going places dear cos you are unstoppable. Jesus rocks๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช


  6. I study in cotonou where we believe its appropriate to club and still maintain the church girl attitude…oh dear sister you just placed me on a dose of self esteem i won’t compromise it for anything. God bless you and continue to endow you with wisdom.


  7. Your truly an inspiration to this generation and role model.
    God bless you more.
    I will love to be part of your tour and support the tour and also the sponsoring of hard copy rebirth


  8. Wow sis,that was great!!!!taking your stand even in the midst of this so called corrupted world. I salute your confidence Sis,I loved u from the very first day I saw u in Jenifer’s diary,u are really a rare gem,a blessing to dis generation, a strong Lady, seriously ur book “Rebirth” has changed my thinking and also made me know that I am useful and not useless,I am not an accident in this world,hmmm sis,since u could still make it after all u went through, den I too Will surely make it,Thanks sooo much sis,I love u from d depth of my heart,kip shining in God’s Glory!!!!God bless u immensely (Amen)


  9. Wowwww…thank God for you ma You are indeed a model to many and I trust God to keep you from compromising any day.. I pray that God gives you Strength to continue and His angels keep you from evil..Amen

    PS: I believe REBIRTH is God’s project and He always makes a way for his Kingdom no will all work out๐Ÿ˜€


  10. You are my role model,have learnt a lot from Rebirth and I promise to abide with all the rules,shaking firmly and avoiding eye contant.I love you sister.How happy will I be if i can get your number


  11. The book #rebirth is Nice and educative nd it’s also a life changing story u made me believe deres nothing God can’t do that no matter the situation we found ourself in we should run to God not Human cos Human is not God..
    A very motivational story #rebirth… still expecting more from you


  12. Good day My name is etobro praise god modupe am from delta state and I live in port harcourt. Am a student of kenule Benson polytechnic,from the department of school of applied science presently on my one year industrial training. You book is wonderful and the message it is trying to pass to the young girls of today but I think we have the same goal that we want to achieve. I am actually writing a book titled WHY CHEAT YOURSELF (relationship) and by God grace also trying to turn it into a movie so people who may not have the book can also watch it and get the message. I will be greatful to hear from you, we can change our society and women Women will have more value and be confident in themselves.


  13. Indeed you are a role model. I pray you will not fail God and people looking up to you, the wind of life will not blow you away


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