Have you gotten yours? It’s FREE.


I know not everybody can afford the list price but I want the message to reach EVERYBODY! 

So, I am making my book, the full book, in pdf, available for free.

For those who bought, THANK YOU for believing in me and supporting me. I do not take you forgranted. You are part of my story.

I am still open to those who want to sponsor hard copies for public secondary students.

To download yours, do click here.



  1. God bless you and endow you with more Wisdom.

    We want rebirth movie too as most youth get lazy to read books we can reach out to them on screen too

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  2. Thanks so much aunt Juliana. I love you soo much, I’ve tried saving some money but it can’t get the book. I’m really glad you’ve made it available for those who can’t afford it. May God bless and increase you

    On Thu, Nov 9, 2017 at 12:26 PM, Juliana Olayode wrote:

    > Juliana Olayode posted: “YOU CAN HAVE REBIRTH FOR FREE!!! I know not > everybody can afford the list price but I want the message to reach > EVERYBODY! So, I am making my book, the full book, in pdf, available for > free. For those who bought, THANK YOU for believing in me and” >

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  3. Dear Juliana.. I just finished reading the #rebirth book…I must confess …it brought me back to God..I’ve been away for so long and I just felt crazy because I didn’t get admission last year into my choice school…but I went down to God in tears just now and gave Him all I have …totally.. Rebirth brought me back to God… He’s now in full control of my life.. You’ll continue to be my spiritual mentor Juliana After praying,God took me to the book of Psalms 42:11&43:5 That’d be my anchor scripture.. I’m Adaora from Anambra and I hope to see you soon.. God bless you Julia… So so much… So so much ..when you replied my comment on your picture I was so happy tho… But God used you to give me the greatest gift ever..Jesus!and now I’m happier.. Thanks & God bless

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  4. I just finish reading Rebirth I cried and laughed at the same time… I feel like giving you a big tight hug. You deserve the best and God has just started with you, you are still going places. Thank you for giving me this book “Rebirth” freely

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  5. Thank u so much ma. Just read REBIRTH. Richly blessed. My hope was renewed. I also got a ministry for teenagers and young minds. Please how can I reach Timi Adigun or you for counselling. Or how can I get help because am a bit scared I need help seriously. Thanks

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  6. I love u more Olayode Juliana. Just finished reading Rebirth now, I cried at some point and I was also inspired. Thanks for sharing your story. I know how it feels to share something like this with the whole world, am just speechless. But am proud of u. I still remain a very big fan of yours. I like Toyo baby! I could still remember the first time I saw her in Jenifa’s diary TV series, I just like her naturally then.Thumbs up Juliana Olayode. Keep up the good work. From Simi, hope to see you someday.

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  7. Hello miss Juliana.Thank you for making Rebirth free.i read your story and cried.somehow i related it to things that has happened and are still happenin in my life.from the childhood molestation especially.i am scared of God,i am scared of the unknown.Alot is happenin in my life and i love God so much my conscience always works with him but i always scared of what he has for me,i am scared of letting things of the world go,i am scared my life will stop when i let him in completely but reading ur book has given me more confidence.i want to know the Lord more and i will know the Lord more.God bless you

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  8. Hmmmm….this is a late review o because i read your book same day i got the email about you making REBIRTH free to download. I started reading and i couldn’t drop it till i saw the end. Sweetie you are an inspiration. I’m not just thanking you for making it available to everybody but for writing this book, thank you. It is so easy for we humans to judge people when we don’t even know their story. Funny enough, we still tend to judge even when we do know. God has great plans for you dear and i can’t wait for the world to be amazed. God bless you always and never let anyone dim your light. I love you too much.

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  9. Hi sister Juliana… God bless you more and more abundantly… I had cried at several stages I got to While reading REBIRTH,I felt every pain you went through,every pain every of your family went through,I really thank God for you… I’m 18 years old,I loosed my virginity long before I was even 10 years old,I wish I could pour out my burden to you like, you could tell Dee and maama,I was literally crying when you told them about your virginity,I was crying for you and also for my self,I use to feel terrible before but thankful that I could read the book and Thank God,thank you,thank you so so much…

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  10. Greetings….Juliana Oluwagbemi! Toyo-Baby! Whao! What an Interesting Book #ReBirth. Indeed Success is inscribed in the scroll of Life, time and commitment would definitely unravel its meaningful blueprint unto reality. You are Great! You Are an Embodiment of Grace! An Epitome of Beauty & Brain. #ReBirth is the Best book I have read in the course of this Year. How Wish I can bring you to Delta State to speak to our Youth forum! Thanks Dear for Blessing Lives via this Book. I received a double portion of your GRACE!!! From…Emmanuel Ewenode.

    On Thu, Nov 9, 2017 at 3:26 AM, Juliana Olayode wrote:

    > Juliana Olayode posted: “YOU CAN HAVE REBIRTH FOR FREE!!! I know not > everybody can afford the list price but I want the message to reach > EVERYBODY! So, I am making my book, the full book, in pdf, available for > free. For those who bought, THANK YOU for believing in me and” >

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  11. Tnx so much sis. I just read this message because I have been busy at school. I didn’t know about it until now. May God replenish what u have got. More grease to your elbow. Tnxs

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  12. I dunno if I’m the first hold this record, I read the book from start to finish in abt 5 hours stretch… Its priceless, God bless you. Words can’t describe… I pray for grace to take you through the journey ahead.

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  13. Juliana, this version of you is truly a rebirth.

    Wow! You don’t look like what you’ve been through, honestly. Thank you for sharing your story. This will motivate and inspire a lot of people. I admire your courage. I admire the fact that God is a priority in your life. You’re going places, Juliana. The world hasn’t seen anything yet.

    Thank you for sharing your story.

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  14. Sis Juliana, i was glad to go through your book ‘REBIRTH’, And i have come to realise that GOD still has a greater plan for you, greater than the one you are in for at present, but if you dont mind, i would like to give you a message ma, though i have more for you, but i think this one will do for now;

    Your gender or status has nothing to do with your calling, if you are called by GOD in a community where somethings are restricted to a particular gender to do what is resticted to a gender, never mind, GOD will always break men protocols over you to have HIS own way. Go out and heed your call.

    God bless you.

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  15. When I read the first 50pages of rebirth,I was just dropping tears at intervals. I also wondered the same way you wondered why God would allow such a little girl to pass through all that.
    Along the line,I was encouraged with the fact that you knew the usefulness of Jesus’ name and definitely used them at intervals and it did work.
    I also covet the fact that in spite of then and now you have never substituted another person for God in the equation
    As i continued, i couldn’t help but fear what would happen in the next chapter, horrible than the previous? I would be asking myself and quickly let me also tell you,I have started before but You’ve challenged me through this book never ever put the cart(fame) before the horse(Jesus) and i really bless God for your life.

    Dearest Sis,I have been a big though “silent” fan of yours even before I knew all this and who says that would be the end?? Of course,not…it could only get better
    Until I have the golden opportunity to see you someday. I say “You’re a star,Continue to shine in this dark and miserable world!” I LOVE YOU passionately

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  16. Its soo touching, and soul lifting may GOD empower you more with more knowledge and uphold you to keep on affecting lives possitively


  17. Good day Juli , thanks to you I just finished reading the book so touching and with so much inspiration, it indeed from grass to Grace infact am really happy for you and I pray the lord who has started the good work in your life will finish it in ijn ,more grace to your elbow Pls here are some questions I would like to ask you and hope to hear from you soon 1. Wasn’t your dad aware you had chicken pox that it too so long before you were treated 2. Did your dad or mum later disclose to you yy day parted 3. Your step dad being a white herbalist later accepted Jesus as his savior after he passed out when he was brought back to life 4. The chapter of my flat chest during that you tender age where you aware your neighbor was trying to sexuall abuse you 5. You not having an option about you step mums idea how do you feel hawking around the streets 6. How have life being for your brothers and sisters because I noticed you didn’t talked about them in so many chapters getting to the end 7. Wat are you doing right now, do you have plans to go back to school That all please hope to hear from you soon, and don’t get mad or angry with some of my words oe questions Thanks.

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  18. I couldn’t remember the last time i opened a book and could not dropped it till i finished reading every words.

    I finished reading REBIRTH, two hours after i downloaded it on my phone. Initially, i just wanted to glance through the pages and come back to read it at night. As i normally do. I like to read before i sleep.

    And before i remember it should be reserved for my late night reading, i was already on eighty fourth page and the next page is a new chapter titled “The turning point”. Right there, i lost the impulse to reserve the remaining part for my late night reading.

    My intention was to steal a bit from my late night supper but i ended up finishing it during the day. No regrets though, because i enjoyed the reminiscent of its sweet delicacy lingering in my mind before i slept.

    Even though i have other books i can read before i went to bed. I just decide to ponder on things i have read about you. The story behind the big smiles.

    And now, i understand why your handshake will definitely be as firm as you claimed it is. I wish to one day feel it by myself.

    And it reminds me the process a raw gold went through before it became the most shinning and valuable object it is.

    Keep shinning, my shinny star.

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  19. Am among the shortlisted act I gave my respond but didn’t get any response and I heard the location of trending love according to your Instagram post is starting soon, Acting is my life and being in this movie makes my life better, I have committed my life and soul on working on this production, I fasted and prayed earnestly, I can’t help it not being on this production,,, pls help a sister became better…thanks God be with u always

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    • pls reply me…am begging u in God’s name, I really need this platform…pls am dying for your response… pls in the name of the Almighty God we are serving…😦😦😦😦


  20. I won’t give up on my dreams of becoming an actor, I need ur response badly….beg u in the name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST☝…. pls respond..


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