I am in a fix!


How are you today? Getting ready for the long weekend? Make sure you have fun, okay?

In between, I keep finding it hard to know which of the reviews on Rebirth to post.

This is one of the reviews I received today: 

“Wow Juliana, you are really a strong lady. You made a whole 36 year old me cry so hard. I cried even more when you were crying at home (while confessing)…OMG you inspire me and I am so proud of you. God Almighty is taking you places, great corporations will seek your approval IJN. Please, we should expect another book from you soon ooo. 

#impossible is nothing #rebirth 

Reader from New York. Love you babes”

Such reviews make me know it was worth it exposing my struggles, weaknesses, failures and successes to the WHOLE WORLD.

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Juliana Olayode


  1. Hello Juliana, like many Nigerians I followed Jenifa’s diary and really enjoyed it.
    I saw you face to face once in Akure..dream centre in shoprite, I remarked to my friend that night that you looked more beautiful and slimmer than in the series. My first thought was to come over to say hi and may be take a pix wit you to show my babies but I crushed the thought for two reasons.

    1. I was older than you and I didn’t want to look like a fawning idiotic fan
    2. I didn’t want to be rebuffed by a celebrity who probably thinks she’s the best thing that happened to the world.

    After reading your REBIRTH, I could see how wrong I was in my perception of you. I apologise. I am sad also that I lost the opportunity to take a pix with a beautiful lady both in and out.

    I appreciate your desire to do the right thing, most of all I desire your love for Christ and your choice to shine bright in a world full of darkness. You still have a long way to go in life and in your career, I know He’s able to keep you from falling and present you to hin blameless with rejoicing on the day of his return.

    Your book revived something in me again..the art of spending time in prayers, life sometimes makes one look to other things, I am reminded again to look to Him as the author and the finisher of my faith.

    Please, never ever hit yourself mentally again for being deflowered before marriage , you have been forgiven and redeemed. Never let anyone lead you down the path of regret, if God sees you as His own…let no man condemn you.

    You are a star, girl! Be the best in your career above all, be the best for Christ, for He has created you to be His best.

    Grace to you dearie,


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