I am in a fix!


How are you today? Getting ready for the long weekend? Make sure you have fun, okay?

In between, I keep finding it hard to know which of the reviews on Rebirth to post.

This is one of the reviews I received today: 

“Wow Juliana, you are really a strong lady. You made a whole 36 year old me cry so hard. I cried even more when you were crying at home (while confessing)…OMG you inspire me and I am so proud of you. God Almighty is taking you places, great corporations will seek your approval IJN. Please, we should expect another book from you soon ooo. 

#impossible is nothing #rebirth 

Reader from New York. Love you babes”

Such reviews make me know it was worth it exposing my struggles, weaknesses, failures and successes to the WHOLE WORLD.

Rebirth is changing lives EVERYDAY. Have you taken advantage of the ongoing promo? It won’t last forever. To get yours now, do click here! 


Juliana Olayode

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