Yay! You can hold it now! 


For those who have been asking to “hold” Rebirth, not read on phone, your wish has been granted. 

Rebirth is now available in paperback (hard copy) on Amazon! Enjoy your read. I hope to sign your copy the day we meet! 

Please click here to get yours!

One comment

  1. Yay yay 👏….. I couldn’t read it but with all the testimonies I read about the book and the excerpt that I read , I was really inspired, I fall in love with you the more. God’s is great indeed, he is the God from beginning to the end, the knower of everything. I really can’t wait to lay my hands on the book and I can’t wait to work with you, because working with u will not only make my dream come true but will draw me close to God which is the most important thing. I love you miss J, keep on being u. Uhmm you have taught me alot of things o, till we meet ehn (100% faith).


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