Do you have to borrow? 

28 HOURS, 30 MINUTES and counting!

See what a student, who took this discount, sent to me few minutes ago:

“Wow! I feel so blessed. I’m glad I made a decision to borrow to get this book. The money in my account last night wasn’t for me but something pushed me to purchase the book when I saw your post on IG. 

Dear Juliana, I’ve always been drawn to you. I so much love you and reading this makes me love you even more. Your book has made me realize how close I need to be to God. It gave me strength. 

I felt your pains and I saw myself in you. Because of you,  I’m not giving up on me and also my spiritual growth, I want to be closer to God than ever before. 

I must say I’ve been far from God, I’ve strolled out of His will for my life but REBIRTH BROUGHT ME BACK. 

Thanks so much for this opportunity to finally read your book and thanks so much for loving God. You’re my role model and I would love if you can be my mentor. I love you so much” Tolu E. 

Inspired by what Tolu said? It could be your comment I would be sharing next. Please click here to enjoy your students’ discount. 

Much love, 

Juliana Olayode 

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