My eyes are still wet and swollen! 

What people are saying about Rebirth already!!!

​”Rebirth is extremely captivating, you cannot stop once you start reading. Every chapter is just another mystery waiting to be unveiled. Keeps you wondering how one young life can say so much. There is so much to laugh about and you most likely would shed a tear. It’s just like watching a movie.

They said “the Good, the Bad and the Ugly” but Rebirth speaks of the “the Ugly, the Good and the Graced”. Rebirth is an evidence that there is indeed a God somewhere. This book is motivating, encouraging and full of Hope! You cannot remain empty after reading Rebirth. You just have to birth GREATNESS! It speaks of a second chance, it helps you yearn to discover and fulfill your own purpose; it definitely births in you a new desire to chase after God as the anchor of every life.

When you are done reading this book, your love for Juliana Olayode would go up a 100%, because she was indeed naked and not ashamed! You want to know who Toyo Baby really is? Get a copy today!”

Fadipe Modupeoluwa, MSc Media and Communications, PAU

“I stayed glued to my laptop reading your book. I do not even know what to say now because my eyes are still wet and swollen which is borne out of the emotional stuffs I read in the book. You are indeed a proof of God’s faithfulness. I celebrate you again, sis. Oh! Did I say I could not step out to go to work today? I could not go to work because I did not want to miss out on anything in the book. Mehn!!! The suspense was killing! Rebirth is an inspiration from God.”
Ayanbeku Patricia  (purchased Rebirth on VIP status)