Hi and thank you for visiting again. I promised yesterday, in my last post, that I was going to talk about this today. You might be disappointed in me after reading this but I am just being honest and I hope you read up until the end.

The first day I was nude on set was the day I had my bath (behind closed doors) for the first time on a location! Yes! Nothing more. I am sorry if I burst your bubble but let me tell you a few personal things.

I have been accused of not being “professional”. I was told an actress should be able to act “any role”; it is the character doing what she is doing, not the actress in real life. And my question has always been; when I am done acting that role, would I be given a different body?

Many people love me, not because they know me personally but because they like the Toyo Baby character. Actors and actresses that have acted predominantly wicked roles are feared by children and some adults in real life and real time. Why? Our perception of them when we watch them is what we take to the real world.

So, my body is my body; on or off set. And some parts of my body are expected to be “private”. Someone once called me “bad market” when I said I would never act some roles. I have had to refuse offers because I asked questions and they did not agree with my terms. What will I be wearing? Hope I would not have to kiss anybody or my body be fondled?

The industry is full enough of it, I won’t add to it. It might take time, but I am committed to joining and representing a decent ‘brand’ of actors and actresses. I personally believe some things can be depicted in a movie without baring it all. 

The truth is, this world is waiting for good examples to follow. I get SEVERAL messages from people appreciating my stand for godly morals. It has not been easy, especially when I know how much money I could be making otherwise. But I refuse to sell my soul for money. And truth be told, God honours those who do it right.

My dear aspiring celeb, please do not sleep with any music producer, movie director, lecturer, ‘uncle’ or even ‘pastor’, to get favours. Stop exposing everything and/or twerking to get followers. You are of more value than that. There is more to life than fame. There is more to being happy than having money. Nothing beats peace and contentment; knowing you’re at peace with God, others, and most importantly, YOURSELF. God will make a way for you too like He did for me. Take a stand to do it right so you have no regrets later.

I am a Christian and Jesus has made me what I am. So, just in case you are not saved, and you want Jesus to clean your mess, He can and He will if you let Him. I was once really messed up. Someday I would share my story on that but Jesus came into my life and gave me a new beginning.

Are you alone, worn out, fagged out, distressed, ashamed, afraid, too lost in sin, or just confused, God sent His son Jesus to save you and redeem you. He saved me and gave me joy that NO MAN and NOTHING can take away from me. Do you want same?

It’s simple. All you need do according to Romans 10:9-10 is believe in Jesus, repent of your sins, confess Him with your mouth and just like that, you’re saved. That might be hard for someone who is used to “doing something to get something” to understand but Jesus paid. All you do is RECIEVE.

Can Juliana lead you in the sinner’s prayer?

Yes? Okay, please repeat after me:

Dear God, I thank You for loving me. I am so sorry for all my many sins. I am a sinner and ask Your forgiveness. Jesus, I believe You are the Son of God, You died to save me and rose on the third day for my justification. I accept You as my Lord and Saviour. Holy Spirit, please fill me and help me to know Jesus more. I have prayed in Jesus name, Amen!!!

Congrats. I am so elated. I hope we meet someday. When we do, please reach out to me tell me you got saved reading this post. But until then, please find a good church in your neighbourhood or fellowship on campus and tell them you have just given your heart to Jesus. Again, I am soooo happy for you. You are now God’s child and the devil has no right to you any more!

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God bless you. God bless Nigeria!

Much love,

Juliana Olayode


  1. I remember arguing with a friend that you won’t be bought for money and that you are different. Then I never heard or read anywhere but I felt that way for reasons I do not know. How great, you confirmed it. I really admire your self esteem. May God increased your confidence in what you stand for and believe in.


  2. I feel really encouraged and awaken in the spirit, I just want to tell everyone about JESUS! And i saw your customised shirt,i am so doing mine right away. Thank you Juliana


  3. This is lovely, to have someone stand for Christ in this depraved world system.

    God bless you dear make sake for standing with Christ. Those who trust Christ for everything eventually see his hand in everything. May you see/know him more by the day.


  4. He that endureth till the end is save. As you are saved may God give you the grace to save others and may he lift you higher that no man I repeat no man can bring you down in Jesus name Amen..I love Juliana Olayode. Keep it up and God bless..


  5. I love you dear…I love your boldness and courage to declare your stand in Christ. One thing am sure of is God’s promises towards you in Jude 24 that you will not fall or fail…God will strengthen you daily and set your feet on the right track. Your needs will be met and you will make great influence in this generations…And much more that you will abound in love and be filled with the knowledge of God’s will in Christ Jesus😘


  6. Reading this made me remember a time around September 2015 at ekeji arakeji CAC camp, we youth were praying for revival and for sometime we stop cause the revival we were expecting was a program but since december last year i started seeing a kind of personal revival from celebrities from wale ayuba ,lynx and so on i was watching an interview on hip with falz and what he said was awesome i think God is at work and is starting from the top ,even in politics the acting president is also an example of the lords doing, I bless God for your life juliana and i pray the lord will strengthen you to the end you one of the evangelist the industry need ,keep on the good work of God.


  7. wow wow wow, i really do love dis. I stand for Christ too. may d good Lord strengthen u more, establish u n make u great beyond wot u can imagine, make way for u. As u stand for Christ, heavens wil stand for u. b ur shield…… love u girl. wish to b ur p friend. takia


  8. I so much luv u cos u’ve been a source of inspiration… wen I do c u at ajibode street at Ajuwon den I do c u as normal person… Neva knew u were such a great person dat cud be a role model to people even me….. I luv u so much and keep d flag flying cos d sky is just ur starting point… wish u cud come pay us a visit at ajibode street cos we must u alot


  9. Wowww!!!! You are the light generations have been waiting for in the industry, don’t turn us down, .. U I’ll surely succeed IJN. Keep d light shining. Love ya


  10. Toor… You always blow my mind with your unapologetic stand for Christ. May he keep you till the end. Proudly your fan.


  11. Thank God I never judged the book by its cover smiles. Keep making God proud dearie, the world awaits your greatness in HIM. I want to be like you when I grow up ooo Toyo pabby in Jenifer’s voice, winks! So much love for u


  12. That’s great, thanks for inspiring and changing the lives of others as well. You are a great model and we will continue to pray for you and the God we are serving will continue to bless you till the end. Being with Christ, and glorifying him, thanks a lots. For doing great things, the sky won’t be your limits sister Juliana.


  13. I pray God will really help youths of our time especially the young girls to emulate from you. I may not be able to do it the same way you do but it has really been my dream to reach out to young girls like this, to let them know that God is everything they need to meet their needs. Weldone sweetheart and more strength to your elbow.


  14. Wow… This is came at the very time I needed a reminder of my worth as a lady in Christ Jesus. Yeah there are still good and decent ladies out there even in this trying and tempting time (Thank you Lord). I love you Juliana and I hope to meet you someday, I have questions to ask. May God keep you from falling and uphold you to the very end. God bless you dear


  15. I av bn greatly touched by reading dz and u’ve inspired me sis,thanks for writing dz and I pray for more of God’s grace,mercy and favour in ur lyf,keep blowing…..


  16. Keep up the good work dearie. I got born again after the university and decided not to pick up acting as a career even after I spent 4 years studying theatre art. God bless you dear. Maybe we could do something together in the future. Keep it 👆


  17. You are doing a good job. God bless you and keep you rooted in him. I always wonder what you are doing in secular movies and not christian movies. But I can see you as a change in their world. You will not fall in Jesus name.


  18. Aunty Toyo baby. Hopefully I would get the opportunity of taking a selfie with you. Thank you for repping Christ. We won’t rest till the knowledge of the glory of God takes over the earth as the water covers the sea #JesusReigns #JesusAlone #NothingElse #NothingLess


  19. Oh My God!!! Someone is standing tall for what is right in Nollywood? Nigeria is getting better! Toyo baby, may you never be out of His presence in Jesus name. But sis, whatever you are experiencing now is still small o, more serious and about frustrating ones are definately coming, please keep standing in d midst of the storm. Dont forget you can do all things through christ which stregthens you. Love you.


  20. I am so proud of you! and I pray thatvthe Holy Spirit will continue to leas. Atlast a christian celebrity that will not compromise. This is great. More grace dear!


  21. Wow. This is quite honourable and adorable. Keep it up sis.
    The door of utterance is continually opened for you to present Christ. Amen.


  22. You are a great woman DAT knows wat she is contain and ll nt give it up for fame. Am proud of the woman that u are. May God continually keep u in Him. (Amen). Love you dearly


  23. God continue to strengthen your faith.
    We need more Nigerian youths to stand up against the spread of ills in Our society. Please don’t stop doing this.


  24. Seriously being a celebrity doesn’t mean you should forget the ways of the lord…. seriously I love this write up from you and please do not back slide…
    Remember your body is the temple of the lord… the apostle were only called little Christ when the people saw their behavior… by their seed we shall know dem.. God bless..


  25. Lovely. I dof my hat for you. I pray the Lord that brought you up will keep you soaring. Keep up the good work. Its the reason for living. Your stand will help many to find there voice too. Love you loads.


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