Hi and thank you for visiting again. I promised yesterday, in my last post, that I was going to talk about this today. You might be disappointed in me after reading this but I am just being honest and I hope you read up until the end.

The first day I was nude on set was the day I had my bath (behind closed doors) for the first time on a location! Yes! Nothing more. I am sorry if I burst your bubble but let me tell you a few personal things.

I have been accused of not being “professional”. I was told an actress should be able to act “any role”; it is the character doing what she is doing, not the actress in real life. And my question has always been; when I am done acting that role, would I be given a different body?

Many people love me, not because they know me personally but because they like the Toyo Baby character. Actors and actresses that have acted predominantly wicked roles are feared by children and some adults in real life and real time. Why? Our perception of them when we watch them is what we take to the real world.

So, my body is my body; on or off set. And some parts of my body are expected to be “private”. Someone once called me “bad market” when I said I would never act some roles. I have had to refuse offers because I asked questions and they did not agree with my terms. What will I be wearing? Hope I would not have to kiss anybody or my body be fondled?

The industry is full enough of it, I won’t add to it. It might take time, but I am committed to joining and representing a decent ‘brand’ of actors and actresses. I personally believe some things can be depicted in a movie without baring it all. 

The truth is, this world is waiting for good examples to follow. I get SEVERAL messages from people appreciating my stand for godly morals. It has not been easy, especially when I know how much money I could be making otherwise. But I refuse to sell my soul for money. And truth be told, God honours those who do it right.

My dear aspiring celeb, please do not sleep with any music producer, movie director, lecturer, ‘uncle’ or even ‘pastor’, to get favours. Stop exposing everything and/or twerking to get followers. You are of more value than that. There is more to life than fame. There is more to being happy than having money. Nothing beats peace and contentment; knowing you’re at peace with God, others, and most importantly, YOURSELF. God will make a way for you too like He did for me. Take a stand to do it right so you have no regrets later.

I am a Christian and Jesus has made me what I am. So, just in case you are not saved, and you want Jesus to clean your mess, He can and He will if you let Him. I was once really messed up. Someday I would share my story on that but Jesus came into my life and gave me a new beginning.

Are you alone, worn out, fagged out, distressed, ashamed, afraid, too lost in sin, or just confused, God sent His son Jesus to save you and redeem you. He saved me and gave me joy that NO MAN and NOTHING can take away from me. Do you want same?

It’s simple. All you need do according to Romans 10:9-10 is believe in Jesus, repent of your sins, confess Him with your mouth and just like that, you’re saved. That might be hard for someone who is used to “doing something to get something” to understand but Jesus paid. All you do is RECIEVE.

Can Juliana lead you in the sinner’s prayer?

Yes? Okay, please repeat after me:

Dear God, I thank You for loving me. I am so sorry for all my many sins. I am a sinner and ask Your forgiveness. Jesus, I believe You are the Son of God, You died to save me and rose on the third day for my justification. I accept You as my Lord and Saviour. Holy Spirit, please fill me and help me to know Jesus more. I have prayed in Jesus name, Amen!!!

Congrats. I am so elated. I hope we meet someday. When we do, please reach out to me tell me you got saved reading this post. But until then, please find a good church in your neighbourhood or fellowship on campus and tell them you have just given your heart to Jesus. Again, I am soooo happy for you. You are now God’s child and the devil has no right to you any more!

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God bless you. God bless Nigeria!

Much love,

Juliana Olayode


  1. awesome, amazing, fabulous. I make bold to say am proud of you and I pray your light shall not be darkened, your glory shall not wane. Keep shinning for Christ, keep representing the kingdom of our Lord, keep standing for purity, heaven is your starting point. God bless you ma. Much love.

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  2. I love dis piece nd I love d u too Juliana. I pray d good Lord will kip nd uphold u till his coming. keep d gud works up. God gat ur back.


  3. Well Toyo. I love your sense of direction in life. I love the fact that you have discovered purpose. As a a writer and a purpose driven person myself, I would love to share inspiration and connect with you. My site address will be filled in the column below. Thank you for standing out!


  4. Love you cos you are transparent, a lover of Christ and your dressing us classic and you never expose your body. Keep it up ma’am


  5. Exactly what I was expecting. May the Lord keep and uphold you, surely you are going far and beyond.

    Your paths will surely shine brighter and brighter my sister.


  6. So, I got emotional especially when I started reading the comments…

    God bless and strengthen you Juliana, you are being automatically added to my prayer list cos you sure need loads of it!!! Its not going to be easy one bit, infact, its gonna get tougher but am convinced you will scale through (i did and i still am by God’s grace)

    I go weeks even months sometimes sad, dejected and depressed majorly cos of the rot, rate of immorality and lack of self-worth prevalence in this generation of “women”..

    Worse still, they make the few upright ones look foolish, some days I want to give up and give in but that still small voice keeps telling me “its too late dear, not even after two kids. Lol” am proud of you and it feels good to know that we still have genuine soldiers for Christ who fears the consequence of their action… #permitmyepistle #remainblessed


  7. Woooow,Toyo baby I pride in you..I’m motivated and really short of words.. I remembered​ the day you came to Lagos State University (Lasu) also..You are a real gem and blessing to unborn generation..Keep up the good work.. God’s presence will never depart from you,you will not fail God and he will uphold you to the end in Jesus name..


  8. You ‘re indeed a BLESSING to this Generation,my PRAYER for you is that God will do the undo able in your life and ministry that people will know nd confess that YES it’s only JESUS that can make this happen…. am your no 1 fan cos of your LOVE nd DEDICATION to the things of GOD… KEEP FLOURISHING


  9. Hello big sis,am so excited with all your encouraging words cuz sometimes I may have run out of ropes as in from God but whenever I enter Facebook,Instagram and I saw your encouraging words I feel bless like never before am always move by your words u are indeed a god sent,and I believe u gonna win more souls for god as for me u hv capture my soul from the captivities of devil into the kingdom of God,once again big sis I really appreciate it more wisdom, blessing, good health, more beauty for u god bless u Amen.


  10. Wow dat was amazing, may almighty God continue to bless u nd I believe nd no dat sometime much bigger is awaiting u, d sky is ur limit and I hope you guyz Wil make up love you so much sis


  11. I knew right from the beginning how different you will be in the movie industry, am glad am not disappointed.God bless you.


  12. You are one heck of a writer! The title of this article will surely attract the attention of people as it did mine. It took me time to read this, cos I don’t want to be disappointed after reading your confession of lobe for God in the first epistle of what transpired between you and FK but changed my mind as an uncle shared this on his wall.

    Thank Heavens my fears have been allayed… My message is simple; NEVER LET YIUR GUARD DOWN! Your stand for God will bring antagonism, severe temptations, verbal and emotional abuse and don’t be surprised if they come from unexpected quarters. That’s what the devil does best, he will come through people that are dear to you.

    I sincerely hope that you and FK find a way to resolve your differences and bring us another blockbuster.

    God bless your heart, and your every step…


  13. Great. I’m so inspired and encouraged. I have seen that there’s no where that one cannot stand out for Jesus if one really want to stand against all odds. Keep up the good work. I hope to see you someday!


  14. I love your courage
    Even the bible said it that we shouldn’t be conformed to the world
    I pray that after our Christian race on earth we won’t miss heaven.
    Love you and wish to meet you soon


  15. God bless u dearie… U’re an example worthy to be emulated but to be candid, I’ve missed u as a person and also ur role in Jenifa’s diary, really wish u come back on set. Anywais, God knows best.. Luv u to the moon n back Swt #MultipleHugsAndKisses


  16. Wow! Your words and stand for God is unique&minding blowing, especially the fact that it’s coming from an actress(my role model) in the Nigerian film industry. I almost lost hope, wondering if there was hope& a place for upcoming actresses who stand by godly principles &want to join the film industry. Now I have hope, God bless you abundantly sweet sis. God’s got your back! I dream of having the privilege of acting with you one day.


  17. Wow! God bless you great woman, for all that you are, stand for and do. Your path can only shine brighter! You are a good example to many. Heaven is so proud of you ma!


  18. Ma’am, am really touched by those words. You must be an actress from the Lord 😊. God bless you.
    I would love to know you personally. Good luck in your career.


  19. Juliana, you really are a good influence for the young and you are quite right. Nobody has to expose their body or do wrong things to be considered ‘mature, or a ‘serious’ actress. Thank you and may Christ continue to guide your path and that of those in need.


  20. Wow! I love this, actors and actresses no longer believe in theirselves anymore they depend on marketer or producer. May God continue to strengthen you and the you the grace to stand out among others. I love you, love your courage… More of God grace in your life


  21. I love you and .many others too. We stand with you, our body is the temple of the lord. So we respect it a lot. God bless your ministry and increase you


  22. I’m glad you represent Christ first class. This is what we are talking about. Keep soaring high, the world and entertainment industry will soon know that Jesus is Lord. I love you


  23. I am really inspired by your life and lifestyle
    It’s great to stand out and have strong convictions!
    More grace to your elbow


  24. I don’t do this often but I feel strongly that I should comment on this post of yours. Juliana, this is a noble path you have chosen. I do not know how old you are, but I am persuaded that Christ in you has made all the difference… that which older actresses do not have. I am not trying to hail you, rather, I am encouraging you to hold fast to that which you have. See, the scriptures say that where sin abounds, grace abounds much more. I want to tell you that many actresses (established and up-coming) will tend towards this your system of life with time. It is a question of consistency on your path. As you have chosen to be different like Daniel, God will make his excellent Spirit fall on you, such that you will never be outshined or relegated to the background in this your chosen career. God bless you and all that will choose this path of yours as professional actresses.


  25. Here we are; that generation that won’t say “I stand with Jesus”, with our mouth but with out life. We can’t be subjected to the unpopularity of our core values, that is not the essence of our call, our genuineness to see them manifest overwhelms us. We are not retreating from this light. I celebrate you sister, co- labourer in Christ.


  26. I have never been so blessed from a celebrity. You just proved my instincts wrong with this article. Will love to have a chat with you about my life. Thanks so much Juliana


  27. I love your person. Relax! Jesus has lifted you up. You’re already an envy to your generation. No devil can cut short your glory.


  28. My heart melts every time I read about your LOVE for our Lord Jesus Christ. May He continue to increase you on every side as you grow in your walk with Him.


  29. Wonderful..!!
    You are indeed a blessing Julian, I pray God continue to use u to reach out to people.May his grace and anointing upon ur life never diminish…
    Am a big fan of u, I hope I get to see you some day..

    Keep on shining sis.. because you are a light to your generation.
    God bless u..


  30. Wow! Your words are unique blowing, especially because of the fact that it’s coming from an actress(my role model) in the Nigerian film industry. Prior to this time I almost lost hope, wondering if there was a place for upcoming talents with much love for godly principles but now I have hope. I dream of having the privilege of acting with you one day. Love you so much big sis, God bless and keep you for us.


  31. Miss juliana pls have been waiting for you to accept my friend request on Facebook for weeks now…. ejilakin akorede samson. Thank u


  32. You keep inspiring me, you are a Blessing to this generation. Words alone fail to describe how much i love you. U STOOD OUT! Yes you did….may your path shine brighter and brighter…


  33. Trust me I am not saying this to get your attention or anything but I live you for loving Christ and standing up for Him come what may. I am an uprising actress as well and I understand perfectly what it means to take such stands in fact I am contemplating quitting acting because it seems without nudity you can’t get anywhere but people like you give me courage. Please keep trusting God and let your path be continually directed by the HolySpirit and I can beat my chest that you haven’t seen anything yet. I love you.


  34. Oops! Never knew there was a comment box on this fabulous blog of yours auntie Juliana – and I already sent out a tweet 😆 I guess I will have to take it down.

    Big ups to you Toyobaby 👏👏👏 This kind of post is what I needed at the moment.

    I don’t know how I got caught up with this sinful act I’ve been indulging in lately, and I’ve tried everything I can to stop doing it but I just couldn’t 😢.

    I’m tired of vowing not to do it again but still, I keep falling and falling into the sin.

    So when I discovered that you now have a blog of your own, I decided to check it out because I know your posts will be divinely helpful.

    After saying those prayers, I feel connected back to God… My burden was lifted and I feel save and safe.

    Truly, God is good and plentious in mercy unto all them that call upon Him.

    Thanks auntie Juliana! More anointing in Jesus name, Amen.

    PS – Hope I can chat you up to seek your advice on this dreadful sin? I just don’t want to do it anymore.

    PSS – I’ll subscribe via email now 😉

    Thanks once again.


  35. miss Juliana…..our Best Toyo babe in jennifa’s dairy…..kai kia….how i wish i can jst marry u for ma brother u jst a perfect xample of a decent MISS in dat industry….God bless u MISS TOYO…sky is yah begining…coz thre’s 7heaven aftr d first sky Ride on ma sis….i knw oneday i we surely meet u ONE-ON-ONE….den u we knw wot u jst inparted into ma spirit


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