A duplicate?


Be Confident!

Enjoy being you.  Don’t want to be like me or anyone else. You are awesome in your own way and I celebrate you!


  1. The first time I saw you was on Jenifa’s Diary

    and I was dumbstruck. The way you delivered

    your very first scene in the series was simply

    amazing. Your radiant smile, your tingling

    voice, the aura you exude coupled with your

    unrivaled beauty made you stand out and I was

    hooked. I started following the series. If

    you’re not in an episode, I’m not watching lol.

    Then I began to follow you on social media and

    whenever I get notification that you’ve posted

    something new on instagram, the smile on my

    face says it all. You’re a priceless gem of

    immeasurable quality. maybe Someday, when I

    become a celebrity, I’ll get the opportunity to

    meet you. Bcos I would have to be extra lucky

    to get to meet you right now as it is ( I’m

    still an upcoming artiste). So I’m working real

    hard everyday till I can one day look you in

    the face and say: Wehdone Ma!

    Much Love and Adoration From Me.


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  2. You are such a dazzling beauty which is not a product of your makeup but that of the glory of God which you radiate couple with your great character. I always love it when you’re on set in Jenifa’s Diary. I wish you all the best in life. Please, don’t compromise your stand for God. It is well with you my dear sister.

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  3. This is Abdul Karim from Tamale Ghana. And I’m a No1. fan of yours. Thanks for making things clear for us. Because I was wondering why you broke silent over the issue between you and aunty Funke. But I look forward to seeing reconcile coz I can’t enjoy the rest of the episodes without you.
    Please do that for us.


  4. You are an excellent woman, filled with passion and panache. I have always admired you from the first day I saw you on Jenifa’s diary and the part of you I love seeing is your SMILE. I pray nothing will take away that smile. Keep shinning Toyo baby. You are a COMPLETE WOMAN
    I celebrate you.


  5. Toyo baby. I know you are an amazing person, and I have been your number one fan from day 1. What struck me most about you is your love for Jesus despite being a nollywood celebrity. I love that statement “unapologetically sold out to Jesus.” You are a role model, dont stop being who you are.we love you and we’ve got your back. Hope to see you more on my TV screen.


  6. So happy for you Juliana and more happy you know Christ. Keep glowing in the porters unending grace. God bless you


  7. Toyo Baby!!!
    What else can I say that no one has never mentioned in their comment.
    You r just one of a kind
    Keep it up,God help yhu


  8. U er so beautiful… I love u very much keep ur gud act up and also keep stand-in on ur ground…. I pray may d good Lord see u through dis naro road …….lovemine…..my greet s to dad Timi of me Nd mum titi of me …… Hop it see u at dis year meant…. Love u very much ….u shine like d morning sun …keep it up …I love u but Jesus love u more …more strength to ur hard work…


  9. I like your person and because of you I stayed tuned to jenifa diary. but Pls no matter the case between you and aunty Funke kindly settle it amicably and go back to the scene. continue being yourself and hope to see in you in person soonest


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